Airquee Colour Chart

Airquee uses a variety of different materials. We select the most appropriate PVC and other coated textiles for each given application, with the highest standards for performance, durability and quality. We offer two different types of material and the only deciding factor between the two is personal choice.

Glossy material or Cape material?

Airquee’s gloss material has a completely smooth appearance. Gloss material is often favoured in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. The biggest benefit to gloss material is that it cleans very easily; dirt and grime simply rub off. There are operators in the UK who also prefer gloss material because they believe it maintains a new appearance for longer.

Airquee’s cape material has an embossed, leathery appearance. In the final rolling stage of manufacture an embossed roller is used to apply this grain to the PVC. It is very similar to the appearance found on artificial leather and other artificial fabrics. Cape material is favoured in colder climates such as the UK, Ireland, France and Scandinavia, mainly because it has a more supple touch when being rolled in cold weather. Again the element of personal preference means that some think it has a higher quality appearance.

Airquee is Europe’s largest supplier of inflatable equipment and we offer both types of material. Approximately 65% of our clients choose gloss material and 35% of clients choose cape. If you would like further guidance, please contact us.

Cape and Olympic PVC colour range

Cape Olympic Black PVC Cape Olympic White PVC Cape Olympic Brown PVC Cape Olympic Bright Green PVC Cape Olympic Dark Green PVC Cape Olympic Kermit Green PVC Cape Olympic Sky Blue PVC Cape Olympic Ice Blue PVC Cape Olympic Dark Blue PVC Cape Olympic Orange PVC Cape Olympic Orangina PVC Cape Olympic Pink PVC Cape Olympic Purple PVC Cape Olympic Fuschia PVC Cape Olympic Red PVC Cape Olympic Grey PVC Cape Olympic Yellow PVC Cape Olympic Sand PVC

Gloss PVC colour range

Gloss PVC Black Gloss PVC White Gloss PVC Brown Gloss PVC Bright Green Gloss PVC Dark Green Gloss PVC Kermit Green Gloss PVC Sky Blue Gloss PVC Ice Blue Gloss PVC Dark Blue Gloss PVC Orange Gloss PVC Orangina Gloss PVC Orange Pink Gloss PVC Purple Gloss PVC Fuschia Gloss PVC Red Gloss PVC Grey Gloss PVC Yellow Gloss PVC Sand

Please note:

These are actual photos of the PVC. Every effort has been made to take the photos in neutral light however these images must be used as a guide only. The colour you are seeing will also be dependent on the quality of the device you are viewing on.